"Peace, like charity, begins at home." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

There are so many amazing philanthropic causes, Fiddledee ID's proudly supports three fine organizations. These three charities are close to my heart because they reflect the struggles we face in our own home.


Pennies For Paige

Pennies for Paige is a unique, local non-profit being run by the most amazing volunteers. This charity had humble beginnings when close friends rallied around a little girl named Paige. Four year old Paige was diagnosed with pre-T cell Acute Leukemia on October 2, 2008. Sweet Paige was in remission for 2 years when shockingly, the cancer came back in 2011. The emotional and financial burden placed on Paige, her twin sister and parents seemed insurmountable. I'm proud to have served on the founding steering committee, helping to raise over $50,000 last year. Today, Pennies For Paige has grown to provide support for other children and families facing a cancer diagnosis.

The Pennies for Paige bracelet was created as a fundraiser, 100% of sales profit goes to PfP. The braided, leather bracelet was seen on the wrist of Robin Roberts during a June, 2012 CBS 'Good Morning, America' episode. When Paige and her mother, Jodie gave Robin the bracelet, Robin immediately put the bracelet on and said that she could “feel the strength flowing from it already.” As Robin faces her own battle, I hope she continues to feel the strength. www.penniesforpaige.org

Robin Roberts, Good Morning America, wears Pennies for Paige bracelet.


The Young Survival Coalition

YSC is an international group dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. The Young Survival Coalition guided and lifted me through my journey with breast cancer. This year I celebrated my 6th year as a survivor (yay!) and feel tremendously grateful to YSC. Many of Fiddledee IDs' customers are breast cancer survivors as well. The Breast Cancer Medical ID Bracelet was designed to honor our customers and support our long relationship with YSC. www.youngsurvival.org


The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN™)

When my son was 14 months old, he was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. FAAN was the first place I turned to for support. FAAN is a fantastic resource, helping parents navigate through the perils of keeping my child safe from food and still manintaining some sanity. All around, I think this is the very best resource for severely food allergic children. By the time my son started Kindergarten, the school was peanut free. I believe in large part, FAAN is responsible for the positive changes and the spotlight on national food allergy awareness. Fiddledee ID's supports FAAN through out the year, donating directly to the organization. www.foodallergy.org


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