Elizabeth Interchangeable

Elizabeth Interchangeable

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How to size interchangeable bracelets: your medical id bracelet and interchangeable bracelet are considered the same size. If your medical id bracelet (including tag) is 7.5”, your interchangeable bracelet should be ordered in the same size. Please note the interchangeable bracelet itself would be 4.8" and the tag is 1.7" -together they equal 7.5"

Fiddledee ID's bracelets are handmade and have the highest of quality. Look closely, you will notice the larger gold-filled clasps are easier to attach to tags, and the crimps are hidden with gold-filled covers. The professional wire is stronger, withstanding pressure up to 40 pounds and protected by gold-filled "guardians". Please see FAQ for more sizing advice.

Elizabeth sparkles with gold-filled beads, gold-filled clasps, and golden Swarovski beads.

Elizabeth can be completely removed from the tag, letting you switch out the interchangeable bracelets to match your fancy.

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Your bracelet size is 1" added to your actual wrist size

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